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Rainbow Fluorite Gemstone Gua Sha Tool
Rainbow Fluorite Gemstone Gua Sha Tool
Altru Wellness

Rainbow Fluorite Gemstone Gua Sha Tool


Designed to perfectly fit the contours of your face, the Rainbow Fluorite Gua Sha tool is an everyday skin care must have.

With a simple, easy to learn sequence of strokes, this skin-soothing, energy clearing and balancing stone, effectively relieves face and neck tension and decongests facial tissues. When used regularly, it will keep your skin bright, tight and lifted. It’s always perfect for a quick skin care pick me up.

Our Gua Sha is handcrafted with the beautiful Rainbow Fluorite stone and each is a little different in colour. Stones and crystals have been used for healing purposes in Eastern Medicine practices for a very long time. Experts in the field of crystal work say: ‘Fluorite is a highly protective and stabilizing stone, useful for grounding and harmonizing spiritual energy. When working with the upper Chakras. Fluorite increases intuitive abilities, links the human mind to universal consciousness, and develops connection to Spirit’. We will take this anytime:)

It does feel amazingly cooling and soothing and will take your beauty care up a notch or two.

Application: Cleanse your skin. Apply WD Rosewater or Frankincense Mist and few drops of your favourite face oil or face serum and you are ready to lift and sculpt with your Gua Sha.

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